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Learn-Food Safety Online Programs

Give us THREE to TWELVE months and your commitment.

Together, we’ll give you a highly desirable food business by spotlighting and optimizing your food safety management practices so you can penetrate your dream markets.

You’ve been delivering food products for some time now… but somehow, there are still markets you haven’t reached.

I believe you came to this page for a reason.

If you think about it, it’s probably because you already know the food business better than most…

… but you haven’t got the recognition or the rewards to show for it.

You offer in-demand products to plenty of buyers… and right now, you feel like you’re not profiting as much as you should.

So why isn’t YOUR brand getting the recognition it should?

“I don’t know how to satisfy stringent market requirements.”

Stepping into new markets with your food products takes a LOT of due diligence if you’re going it alone.

“As an SME, I don’t know if it is worth investing in food safety”

Having high-quality food is of little use when you lack the evidence to prove it’s also safe. Customers are all too aware of the health risks posed by unsafe food.

“Employees just come and go, how do I do food safety!”

If your staff and stakeholders are not integrated into a food safety culture, it will be almost impossible to maintain a good food safety standard and create a high-quality brand.

Our Impact Model

My Learn-FoodSafety online or hybrid programs focus on making food safety affordable for SMEs.

It starts with Phase 1: Self-pace Learning to build foundational knowledge that will help you understanding what it takes to implement food safety. My philosophy is the more SMEs understand and apply food safety, the safer food choices consumers get.

That will then lead up to Phase 2: Costs and Benefits Analysis, in which I focus on creating business value and help you set a clear food safety goal.

We’re going to assess gaps between your existing status and your target Food Safety Standard for which you might also aim to get a Certificate. The main outcome will be the implementation plan that covers resource requirements and timeline. Depending on the assessment outcome, you may decide to move on to Phase 3 or exit the program here and do it yourself with the frameworks provided in the training.

Phase 3: Implementation consists of training your staff, preparing documents and improving infrastructure if there is a need.

Thereafter in Phase 4: Certification, your goal will be to get a local or international food safety certificate. We do support you from the side until you are certified. At the end of the program, you’ll be celebrating on achieving your targeted food safety certificate.

By investing in food safety with a clear goal in mind, you have a higher chance to gain trust from customers and consumers, more sales and ultimately economic impact on not only you but the people involved along the supply chain.

Good Hygiene Practices Program

The Codex Alimentarius, or “Food Code”, is a collection of international standards, guidelines and codes of practice to protect the health of consumers and ensure fair practices in the food trade. Codex standards are used worldwide to harmonize national food safety regulations and are recognized in the WTO Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Measures as the international reference point for food safety. When food producers and traders comply with Codex standards, consumers can trust the safety and quality of the products they buy and importers can have confidence that the food they ordered will meet the specifications.


There are NINE modules in this Online Training.

1. Introduction To Food Safety
2. Primary Production
3. Establishment – Design of Facilities And Equipment
4. Training and Competence
5. Establishment Maintenance, Cleaning and Disinfection And Pest Control
6. Personal Hygiene
7. Control Of Operation
8. Product Information And Consumer Awareness
9. Storage and TranSportation

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“But is the Learn-FoodSafety programs for me, Saint?”

As you can expect, food safety is a systematic process that involves many steps along the way, so you can’t progress by skipping any step.This program will require a considerable amount of your time and effort.
That’s why you should get clear on whether it’s the right move for you:

This program isn’t
the best thing for you IF:

You’re 100% sure your infrastructure is located in a prime location and built to the proper standard
You have no need to consider the threat of cross-contamination because your products are sheltered and protected
You’re satisfied with your team and how they adhere to food safety practices
Your customers trust you and have little to no complaints about your product safety and quality
It’s not the right time for you to invest your money and time in food safety due to more pressing priorities that affect your business’ survival

the best thing for you IF:

There’s room to improve your infrastructural outlook (factory location, materials used, etc.) to help you meet food safety requirements
You recognize the damage cross-contamination could inflict on your business and brand and would like to prevent it
Your team doesn’t always practice food safety correctly, and there are tendencies for incidences such as product mix-ups and wrong packaging.
You’re facing a rising number of customer complaints regularly, and that’s eroding trust in your business
You’re ready to invest in an efficient Food Safety Management System to grow your brand and expand the business

You’ve been incredibly patient so far. But the wait is over. Let’s put your food business on the map!

The time for frustrations is behind you. Right now, a choice lies ahead of you.

You can either keep playing it small while relying on off-the-shelf food safety implementation with no plan to fetch returns in mind.

Or you can choose to lead the change you wish to see in your business by taking advantage of this opportunity to access worldwide markets through certification.

There’s no right or wrong answer, but only one of these roads will lead to your goal.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so don’t hesitate to take it.

“YES, Saint! I’m ready to elevate my brand to a globally recognized standard - it’s time to get the recognition I deserve!”

I’m delighted that you’ve decided to make the best investment in your business. I can hardly wait to greet you on our onboarding call!